"Layered Landscape"- Original oil painting, 24" x 48"

* Name: Layered Landscape
* Painter: Sarah Hultin
* Size: Canvas- 24″ x 48″
* Original handmade oil painting on a wood stretcher
* Style: Mixed media- Oil, lace, fabric, wax
* 30 Day full money refund accepted, buyer is responsible for return shipping costs

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"Layered Landscape" captures the beauty of the rolling hills through the exaggeration of the many layers of the landscape. Derived from the emotions associated with the place, the lack of detail allows the viewer to attach their associations. I used forms of color applied with a palette knife, to create the landscape. Materials such as wax, fabric, and sand are used to exaggerate the unique qualities of the environment.


Shutterstock image by mtlapcevic

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