"Cloaked Canopy"- Original oil painting, 60" x 40"

* Name: Cloaked Canopy
* Painter: Sarah Hultin
* Size: Canvas- 60" x 40", Frame- 62" x 42"
* Original handmade oil painting on canvas with walnut color frame
* Shipping "ready to hang" (stretched) with walnut colored frame in rigid box
* 30 Day full money refund accepted, buyer is responsible for return shipping costs

 Email me for more information on paintings and shipping options!


"Cloaked Canopy"

My Home Abandoned series approaches a genuine truth about rural inhabitation through the portrayal of abandoned houses. Like the human subject, the house also has a personality of its own. It takes on the personality of its inhabitants, helping to both shape and preserve the memories that once resided in the house. The disappearing past that marks the rural countryside speaks of what it once was, honoring the memories left behind. The home, now nearly fleeting to the eye gives in to both time and nature. I reflect deterioration through the manipulation of the oil medium with a palette knife. The color interacts with the emotion conveyed within the existing environment.



Shutterstock image by Rakic and Tr1sha

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