My Story

Hi! I am Sarah, an artist passionate about capturing the lost memories embedded within the rural landscape.

Sarah Hultin_North Dakota Artist

I am an artist that started painting abandoned houses because I wanted to capture my grandparent's farmhouse before it disappeared.  I have since dedicated myself to painting abandoned houses and the stories of their past inhabitants.  

Abandoned structures in rural areas are quickly disappearing and with it, the history of their settlers. The landscape is changing, and the memories within it are lasting impressions that need to be preserved. I love to seize these memories of rural areas because they are also a part of our unique history.

I want my collectors to have a personal connection to their paintings because art is one of the most intimate and timeless items you can purchase for your house. Creating a home is about defining one's self throughout the space, and I believe the home should be a reflection of who you are and what your story is. 


Studio location: Hoople, North Dakota