"Childs Play"- Original oil painting, 45" x 38"

* Name: Childs Play
* Painter: Sarah Hultin
* Size: Canvas- 45″ x 38″
* Original handmade oil painting on canvas
* Shipping “ready to hang” (stretched) in rigid box
* Style: Modern, contemporary
* 30 Day full money refund accepted, buyer is responsible for return shipping costs

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The painting, “Child’s Play,” honors the imagination of children and reminds me of how pure their creativity is. As we grow up, we adapt to society and the stress of belonging and keeping up. Children, however, live in the present and see the world through different eyes. They are great reminders to slow down and enjoy what is right in front of us.

"Childs Play" is a painting inspired by a black and white photograph from the 1930's of a little girl. The great thing about photographs from that time period is that they are never perfect. The little girl sits antsy and distracted, looking at the trees above as the person behind the camera takes her photo. The photo captured the little girl in her true element. "Childs Play" is about the innocence and beautiful imagination of children. The tree that the little girl sits on takes on a form of its own, merging into the floral print background. The painting includes fabric, wax, and oil paint that was primarily applied with a pallet knife.


Shutterstock images by Photographee.eu and mtlapcevic


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